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02 July 2010

Next... Sketchbooks... and 2011

My Burnham Art Trail display is all over for now. Items still available and for sale so do ask. And if you missed seeing them, you find pics on my web album - and some items will appear at my next Exhibition - 16th August - 24th September Rayleigh Mill Arts & Events Centre.
I have to make more work for that Exhibition, domestic issues have delayed everything, but then a friend said "what's the fun in actually being prepared in advance, the whole point is to work like crazy to the last minute". Actually last minute does make the mind focus, and force you into decisions.

I'm writing this, with one eye on the street, looking for the delivery van, to bring me a supply of sketchbooks. I've bought from Seawhite, (or Artsaver). Took me a long time to get comfortable with using sketchbooks, but then I discovered the size, form, orientation of the book was a huge factor. I prefer A5 portrait Euro Wire. I wish the content could be beautiful and make people oooh and aaaah, but my sketchbooks tend to look more like architectural records, with lots of measurements etc. But I've learned to relax and accept this is how my working information is recorded, and it suits me.

So why you might ask, is someone who doesn't do beautiful arty sketchbooks, signed up to The Sketchbook Project? Well I was looking to see what art things I had in the diary for 2011, came across the project and decided it was good to have a challenge for the long grey Winter months. I signed up on 18th June ($25 plus $3 p&p) and today (2nd July) my sketchbook has arrived. I've chosen the theme of Lines & Grids, partly because I realised lots of my work involves that at the moment. So to be posted off by mid Jan. Plenty of time... cough!!

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