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15 November 2010

Dragons & Dungeons (well cellars...)

What do you find at the end of a handrail in Dragon Hall?
Saturday I attended the ERTF conference in Norwich - my third trip "home" in four weeks, but this time purely for my own indulgence.
It was a wonderful day, I enjoyed it immensely.  Met up with old friends and new, the more you attend these things the more people you get to know.  The subject was "Concepts & Meanings" looking at how other artists facilitate their work, and the subject matter of the ERTF's next exhibition in September 2011. What struck me about all the speakers, was there was no apology for working that way, not that there should be, but often when you have off centre processes there can be an overwhelming need to justify it - but I listened to confidence, this is me, my process, it works for me.... unless they managed to keep that horrid doubting gremlin firmly in place for the talks.

Two people struck chords with me.... Debbie Lyddon, made textile art from listening to music - you can read more here. Having myself done drawing to music in art classes, I understood the process behind this. Dare I say it, back in the day, a lifetime ago, I also learned to type to music... try explaining that to a 12 year old niece! Heck what's a typewriter? Combining the unusual for an end result, not such a leap for me. Les Bicknell, a book artist, also gave us much to consider. A real fun practical exercise, which combined, sound, mark making and words made into a simple book structure. I've done similar exercises, but its a rare and wonderful pleasure to use the written word to inform design ideas... it seems at odds when you favour a visual creative result... but for me, I find words describe my vision far better than any sketch I make.
I had a good wander around Dragon Hall into the cellar/undercroft, found all sorts of hidden gems, as it will be the venue for the Exhibition in September.  I've signed up to submit for it - its juried, so a new challenge for me. The day, the place, inspirational, just need to think about making work to live up to it - mhmmm may be the design exercise, I could write a story illustrated by artwork, now that really would be a new Concept for me!!!


chocolatefrog said...

Sounds wonderful, wish there was something like this in Yorkshire!

Lesley said...

Hi Bev. Thanks for the information you gave me from your meeting - all very interesting. Have been inspired again by the use of a word as a starting point. Perhaps one for the next assessment piece although I don't think they like me going too off the wall! Had trouble getting the last one past.
On Les Bicknell's site saw a fleeting reference in photo form to John Latham an artist who explored books Have you heard of him? Went to a retro of his work at Tate Britian a few years ago excellent.