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02 December 2010

Losing Days...

I don't make things for Xmas.... so for me to participate is a big deal.  These are the cards I made for the Burnham Xmas Art Sale which is on this week.  Not cost effective at all, as I spend so much time fiddling and thinking, making, scrapping.
It turns out to be a good thing that I am not contributing more for this event.  I've spent the past 5-6 days with a nasty stomach bug, which refused to go away - missed out on going to an ERTF Essex meeting in the process, which I was really miffed about.  And now here we are blanketed in deep snow.  So I would have let people down.
Time to be thinking ahead for 2011 art events.  Nothing of my own planned for the year, so it will be entering and trying out for whatever comes my way.  Ideas/techniques to explore, and perhaps finding niche small sellable items to make.
At the moment I've my small commission postcards to make, but I'm not doing so until I feel 100% better - have a fear of handing over complete with nasty bugs trapped in the stitching!!!
I guess most places in the UK now have snow.... stay warm and safe... take lots of arty photos... and keep the kettle on the go!

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