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01 April 2010

Good News... & Good News!!!

Collected my work from the Hospice and I've sold FOUR pieces, happy dancing. All four of my Heart Series pieces I put up have found new homes, if you bought them I hope you enjoy, and thank you. I do have two more in the series...

(pink/green) is: Forever Friends. (blue) is: Love Is...
And more news today... I have my allocation for the Burnham Art Trail - I will be in the Tourist Information Centre, end of June.

1 comment:

mimilove forever said...

whey hey!! Go you! Congrats on the sales missus, here's to many more!

And hope Mr.Fibre Reaction is on the mend...must have been an exhausting journey for you both...healing hugs to you both!

(monkey bag is a Paul Frank...I'm probbly way too old for it but also past caring! x;0)