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02 September 2010

Photos, Publicity and Lemon Cake!!!

A couple of days after putting up my Fabrication, I received a phone call, re the Press Release.  The local free newspaper wanted a photo of me with my work to run alongside the words.  Well if you know me, you will know that this was a very very big ask of me.  I am very photo phobic, and just the phone call had me close to tears.  But I realise this is the world I'm in, and perhaps the art can't speak for itself, as I always hope, and the face behind it has to emerge.  So I went along on Friday.  A model I will never ever be.  Keep this arm still but move your body, now look here, over there, lift this bit, turn that... needless to say I got a bit hot and bothered.  But it was speedy, over in 10 minutes.  I retired to the cafe - lemon cake and tea this time... much needed as I was physically shaking, and took a while to calm down.  Well the PR and a photo of moi are in this week's Yellow Advertiser.  I have looked through my fingers and squinted eyes, but that's it.  Another new experience to chalk up.
But good news... the sewing machine is back after its repair and service.  Oh how I missed it.  In the meantime I've had to try other things, like the above.  Playing with Golden Molding Paste, think I'm going to like usng this.
And more good news.... I'm in the throws of making a proper website.  I've loved my Picturetrail album because I've been able to do it all myself, and learned so much, but its time for something more professional and interactive.  So watch this space.

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