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05 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Gosh things have been full on for a while... working hard to meet deadlines, thought I was seeing some daylight, but received another "could you just..." request last week.
This is a teaser of my Tudor Rose made for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition, which goes up at the beginning of Nov.
Paper and stitch... of course. And I've been busy out and about.  Firstly I went to see OTT's exhibition "Bloomin Marvellous".  A riot of colour focussing on the natural world, so apt being an exhibition at an RHS garden.  I think I've only missed one of this groups exhibitions since they started.
Also I've been along to see EAST's exhibition "Talking Textiles" - again a group I've seen almost all of the exhibition of.  Individually themed quite different from OTT, but that's what's so good, to see such variety in a short space of time.  I also managed to get along to the last day of the Map exhibition at the British Library, it was soooo crowded.  And then I went along to see Origin, my first ever visit.  Enjoyed that and bought myself some beautiful art pieces.

Also I managed to complete and deliver on time my piece for the ERTF Owen Jones touring exhibition.  Here's a taster of Pastiche, guess what, more paper and stitch!!  Met up with other contributors over a delicious late breakfast hosted by Lorraine.  Getting to know more members as I also attended a Tea & Textiles day a couple of weeks back!

I've seen the Rochford Art Trail brochure, quite a shock to find a photo of my work on the front cover.

And my new website, seems to be well received, and in fact I've sold two pieces of work from being seen on the site.  Great news and I'm thrilled, but now in a quandary over what to put in the Art Trail to replace them!
So... I just need to make a new piece of work by the end of October... no pressure then!!!

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