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30 November 2009

Chasing Words

Anyone who knows me will say that I have a love of words. I spend hours pouring over dictionaries and Thesaurus, hunting out word meanings, to give titles to my work or inspiration. Well in August 2010 I have my second solo exhibition, but it was way back in the Spring that I had to sign the Contract and give an exhibition title. I chose a very obscure word, not in present usage which meant "a kind of fabric". But its so obscure that it doesn't really give even a hint of what the exhibition is about. So decided to change it. Much pouring over the books, the internet, making up my own words combining real ones, trying to find something which sounds enticing, will give the lay person an idea. After all "stitch on paper, or fabric, collage or montage, or everything all at once, also with added twiddlly bits, by hand or machine, abstract, but could be based on realistic images" - isn't exactly catchy!
The word I've chosen, means "the act or process of making, creating, manufacture" and gives a subtle hint towards fibre and textiles. My second solo exhibition is entitled:

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Lorraine said...

good luck with your of my favourite words which doesnt sound like its meaning is pulchritude