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15 February 2012

Moving Onwards

Let's start off with some colour...
This is the pom pom yarn which I made up using Tunisian Crochet.  Its wonderfully squishy (very technical textile term) and hugable, so I think it might end up as a squishy cushion.  Definitely not being offered to the cat to raise his whiskers at.
Yesterday was the Material Girls last meeting before our Exhibition opens next week.  Such a full on session with lots to settle.  But it was wonderful for me to see so many beautiful things coming out of bags and boxes - there were a few big gulps on my part.  Also saw the work from Canada for the first time.  For two groups across the world from each other, working on their own "Bridging Waters" project its uncanny how things will tie in with each other.   I'm sure the whole Exhibition is going to look splendid.  I'm still not showing you my pieces, as I believe visitors to the Exhibition should have first dibs, but once its under way....  Suffice to say that I've completed my tasks, which I'm pleased about.... that is all except making a few pieces for shop sales - which I believe is only going to be at the pv.  Actually I'm not good at card making, in the sense that these little pieces of art usually cause me the most anxiety, I can get so worked up over them, value for money, but not looking cheap, enough work in them but not taking so long that materials and effort far outweigh return.   After all, to be blunt and real, it is supposed to be a money making enterprise. Give me a panel to make any day!!!
I came home and finalised an Art Trail application.... hope its OK, so many different things in my head at the moment I always get hyper worried I've missed a vital  task.  But I am getting the hang of "in 35 words or less...."    So now its wait.
I know its mid Feb, but I think its time to start with this:
A new sketchbook.  The old one isn't quite complete, but I'll cut out the blank pages, to use as pockets for things in this one, but I feel the need for a new start.  I realised after submitting the art trail application, part of my, did you remember, have you done... was simply because I'd not written it out in my sketchbook and ticked it off as I'd done it.  Oh dear, really am an old bag, need lists now, and bright post-its - but there's nothing quite so satisfying a a nice big tick to say its done!!!

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