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29 February 2012

Extra Day - yes please, anyone seen one?

Y a w n - sorry I'm soooooo tired.  Three trips to Romford last week and a visit to Norfolk, ended up so utterly tired out that I couldn't sleep!!!  But Romford was for The Material Girls Exhibition - do go across to the blog to see snippets of the display.   Its still on, until 3pm on Friday, so get along for a look.

Btw - have you noticed, well you won't if you view via Google Reader - but I've changed my mouse pointer on here, to a larger coloured arrowhead.  Was visiting one of the blogs of Carolyn Saxby, and saw the heart icon for the mouse pointer, and had to investigate how to do it for myself!

Meantime I've been buying - anyone who knows me realises I very rarely buy threads, have miles of them already, back in the days of City & Guilds, we used to go slightly mad with purchases, plus what I've got from my gran and donations from friends,  But there are other things I can't resist - one of which is very sad.... storage boxes!!!  There's something addictive about a nice clear plastic box and it was so rude not to buy them.  I didn't sell any cards at our pv, but that's OK, cos I have some new A6 sized clear plastic boxes, and they all fit in one of those rather nicely.  See told you I was sad, cos I was so thrilled by that!!!  So they will be kept clean and crisp until the next outing at Horndon.
I also have a new toy... well three of them  - which do this:

I just love love lurve this - I have plans - as usual in my head already created the most magnificent piece of artwork......or six.  So that's a watch this space. Not as if I don't have a gazillion of other things to do, but somehow the next project always seems more exciting than the one currently in progress.  Guess that's what drives us all onwards.
Oh yes - Happy 29th - no I didn't ask anyone to marry me - one husband is enough!!!

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dianehobbit said...

Really need a few lesson on how to make my blog more fancy. Disappointed I view throught google, so missing the arrow.