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02 May 2012

All so fast....

Rush rush rush.... got my tasks done last week, applications all in, phew.  Now we wait.  I have some potentially good news, someone has shown an interest in purchasing the piece in the previous posting.  Wow is all I can say, completed last Tuesday and enquiries re purchase this Tuesday... talk about hot off the needle.  No wonder I've no time to draw breath.
I've been out and about doing some research for another project.  Didn't really want to do it yet, but one of these wretched situations of can't go on this date, or that, or that, so it was go now or risk not getting there at all. Trouble with limited opening hours, and being that rare thing, a one car household.
Next week, 12th-19th May  Westcliff Art Trail  check website for details
Now back to my list... things to be done for after the weekend.  I need staff!

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