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09 May 2012

Still Working Hard

No pictures to show.... sadly.  I have completed another piece called "Which Way?" but again its for exhibition, so not to be revealed yet.
My list on pink paper now has lots of ticks.... wheeeee!!!
I've collated pieces to sell at The Material Girls weekend event Textiles on the Hill.  So now I have to prep for my demonstration.
I've work to do for my Art Trail display at Burnham on Crouch in June, they are having a sales event as well as the actual displays in premises.
And this week I'm going to help set up the EG display at the Westcliff Art Trail.  Then I have an EG Meeting, followed by a Committee Meeting for the ERTF.
I find my textile life like this.... full on and then space.  Of course if I was sorted I'd be more controlled and evenly working in the spaces.... but somehow it never works like that.  But the little weekly record book I keep I'm finding of enormous help.  It shows how far in advance paperwork is issued, how much time until a deadline.  Also which months seem to have full on working, and which are quieter and how come certain weeks in the year I seem to achieve nothing, and yet there's no logic to it.... its only keeping this record now for several years that I can see patterns, and its now beginning to prove helpful, both in terms of what outsiders expect and how I work.  For instance I do like a clear gap between one project and another.  I need to finish, let it soak in, enjoy its moment, but also leave the thinking space - and literally clear the table, put the threads and materials away, clean the sewing machine, and be ready afresh.  I've already tentatively started the next body of work for The Material Girls, through necessity, but I'm deliberately not pursuing it because I know I need the clear space mentally and physically to do things properly.  So I'm making myself take that gap, but more importantly I still have to savour and enjoy the current MG project.

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