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04 April 2012

Yes she does stitch....

Oh dear, I've written myself a list, noooo, well yes its necessary got to keep track of things, on pink paper so I don't lose the wretched thing! For instance yesterday... regular stitchy meeting, next in May, had been cancelled from the beginning and put to the end of the month, to compensate for not being able to go in June because Lizzie Q is having a party, and we didn't want such a long gap between. Are you following. Well now we've decided to reinstate the May meeting back to the beginning of the month, because it would mean being at the same venue two days running for different organisations! And back to abandoning any meeting in June, so a long gap to July. Phew Now, did I write that down.
One of our ex little flock Members came to spend the session with us yesterday, she now lives in Herts, so quite a trek, but so lovely to see her. And.... I'm choked. Kathleen travelled all the way from Herts to see The Material Girls exhibition back in February - as she doesn't drive, this involved trains, buses, and taxis. Thank you Kathleen, and I'm so pleased you liked what you saw. We also caught up with the work Kathleen is making and she brought along some beautiful things. I continued to work on this..... who knows what it is, oh yes, that's right, its art darlink!!
I'm also working on this, started months ago but couldn't decide what to do with it.
Now I have but don't like my efforts so far - so I think the scissors may come out and it will be re-arranged. I've got loads of ideas for others things, but am hoping that I can hold off doing them but keep the buzz of the idea. Problem is too many things on the go at once at the moment is just too much. It was usual in days of studying C&G, but at the moment I just can't go there. Too much personal stuff in the mix as well. I could easily end up with lots of mediocre when I'd like lots of brilliant. So as well as the dreaded old lady list - I may also need a timeline to plan it all. It does give focus working to a strict plan, written down, its more of a commitment than merely keeping it in the grey cells. And..... I like a nice Tick when its done!!!  Yeah, I know...sad!


dianehobbit said...

I love a list, but have decided to record in a book this year, as I often loose the piece of paper. Any ideas for MG 2014 yet?

Beverley said...

Oh you are funny Diane - fell off my chair at that one! 2014 will have to wait until May, I really don't have any brain capacity to think about it right now.