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21 September 2012

Chilling, Typing and Buying

I write with nothing to show of my own again…. and I haven’t been making anything. That’s because I’m supposed to be taking time out, recharging the batteries and trying to get refreshed. Not quite happening at the moment, don’t actually feel that way, still hovering too close to the edge. Its been a funny old week, bad stuff, good stuff, surprising stuff, sometimes all in one day!  I think it needs more cake or chocolate to help sort it all.
I have been very productive on the old puter. Gosh its like being at work the amount of stuff I’ve been typing, reports for this and that, and comparisons and assessments, all textile things. Send this to that person, can I have this, you can now add that, find web addresses, can you fill in this online table to find a get together. I get fearful of missing something, or sending to the wrong person, because its not from one organisation, its several. Dunno about a paperless office, bright pink, lime green post-its are a necessity.
The puter has brought me nice things, invite to a private view and I’ve done some puter shopping, waiting for a design cd, and some paper arrived, specialist handmade paper for use with inkjet printers, expensive, but I’ve been looking at it for months. So now I have it and I can stare and coo over it….
And I’ve been art shopping
This looks like a painted stone, but its not.  Its actually lightweight and a ceramic.  Just had to have it because its in my fave colour, well its rude not to isn't it.  Its by Emma Williams.
I also bought myself a piece of work by Michelle Holmes.
I just had to buy this piece... any idea what its called - naaah you'll never guess.“Betty in her new gansey.”
Michelle has a whole series showing Betty with various adventures.  This one I had to buy because I knew what the title meant.
If you don’t know a Gansey is actually a fisherman’s jumper, knitted by the family, warm hardwearing, and importantly, constructed with a particular pattern, not only for the area where it was made, but also to the person who wore it. As, should someone be lost at sea, they could be identified by the pattern on their gansey. It’s a term found in several places.
However, in my home county of Norfolk, even us country people use the word gansey to describe a jumper or cardigan of any sort. So I thought I must have this, because not only do I know what a Gansey is, its also a term I’ve used, and if you don’t know, then the title of the piece doesn’t make sense! (It is actually writtern underneath, but I hid that from you).

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