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28 September 2012

If it looks like a duck......

Last week still chilling, and had lunch out with him indoors, of course I picked the surprise venue, well it did involve a little extra excursion up the road to Hobbycraft, just so rude not to visit when 80% there already.  But we came back and had lunch at the reservoir cafe.  Here's one of the other visitors:
I've no idea on such things, I said it looked like a duck cos it has a duck's face!!!  However I'm told its an Egyptian Goose.  Although I am partially right, cos its related to a Shelduck.   Beautiful colours in the feathers.

Been having a play, and working on little bits which need finishing off.
The red and the purple splodges might get threads and beads added, or might be filed!

Also been having a moan.  I am a rare female, hate clothes shopping.  Have hated it all my life, childhood traisping in and out of shops, walking miles only to return to the very first item in the very first shop.  I'm go with, if its the colour I want, suitable for the purpose, it fits, I buy - I'm not looking in 20 other shops for stuff.  However, moan time, have you noticed loads of clothes about, and cheap, but also really awful fabrics, the type that weld you to village hall seats.  Horrible, tacky.  Friends are saying the same thing.  So I went catalogue shopping, looked at the clothes I have already made sure I only ordered the same fibres in the same perecentages, and guess what, items arrive with stickers on them "fibre content not as advertised". Grrrr.  Seriously I'm thinking of going back to dressmaking.  I used to do it.  But of course nowadays, much like knitting (but I don't knit) its actually not a cheaper alternative, fabrics and patterns are expensive.  I have loads of dress patterns.... trouble is they tend to look like this now.
I think I might need to lay down for a while and let the moment pass - using dress patterns like this is soooo much more fun than practical stuff.

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Diane Kelsey said...

A much more interesting way to use a dress patttern.