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10 October 2012

Almost There.... and the Next Project is?

I found out that this month is known as Blogtober, ie bloggers posting every single day - well look at me, fell off the chair at that one.
I've been driving here and there, had a nice lunch out, oh and yes was discussing textile business and I mean proper important stuff, not chit chat.  So on to what's what in my arty life at the moment.

Minimalist poster, but says everything needed, the pink is eye catching but its also the brand colour of Essex Summer of Art.  I have the actual Art Trail leaflet, but in pdf form, so can't add to the blog - it has a snippet of a piece of my work.  I'm so not with it, I was looking and thought well who is at number 31 then, Oh, its me!!!  Duh.  Go to the website mentioned on the poster for information.  Oooops better finish off work for making, especially as I've made my appointment to set up the display!

Also been to my little stitchy group, where I took along the purple sparkle from the last post and stitched on it.  Still a WiP

Been along to the monthly meeting of The Material Girls.  We are almost at the end of the Bridging Waters Project.  A couple of talks to be given by Members, the next is this coming Saturday, at Romford Branch of the Embroiderer's Guild  this will be almost the last chance to see all the wall hangings before they are all transferred to Canada to go on display there.  Its been a very full on project, especially for me coming in after its underway.  I always knew that would be a personal challenge, but pleased that I met it.
This piece found a new home when on display at Maldon.  I hope whoever has it now, enjoys, thank you for buying.  (there are two other pieces of similar design).
So now we move on to the next project "Tales and Textiles" - for display at Textiles in Focus in 2014.  This is going to take MG on a journey around the world.  I've done a little research for it, but haven't felt able to immerse myself until I've had more brain space.  But the ideas are popping and of course in my head I've constructed a couple of absolute masterpieces.  For me though this is my first project with the group right from inception, so hopefully I will be getting more of an understanding of group dynamics and how it all works. And won't feel like I'm rushing to catch up, which was always going to be the case joining part way in. Already from initial topic, its grown and changed, moved, added and taken away, and individuals have also had a few thoughts before settling with ideas, well may be... who knows what actually develops when you get down to it.  And.... I'm going to open a fresh sketchbook!!!

Even I thought it ridiculous when I bought 2013 diary a couple of months back, but here I am today having to update - as I have committee meetings for one group scheduled right through 2013.  MG meetings are known through to August, and of course my local Embroiderers' Guild meetings are set for the year, better note those, cos actually I'm leading one of the meetings, (cough).  And guess what, already I have to be in 3 places on the one day, trouble is two of them I have to pay whether I attend or not.  Typical.
So I guess its get on with the Art Trail and be ready to start over making for 2013, I know at least one deadline which will be in February.

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