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12 June 2013

Teaching and Creating

Roll up, roll up, time to book my class at The Sewing Box.
Tuesday 18th June
not running due to lack of student numbers


Hand and Machine Made Cords
Check with the shop for information - places available

The intention is to use the sewing machines on the premises.  The requirements are a few machine threads, for practice use up the threads/yarns from your stash, knitting yarn, embroidery threads, even string!  It is my intent that we work on a rotation, with some learning the machine techniques, whilst others do the hand and others play with some equipment I have.  So everyone goes home with a range of samples, a practical dictionary if you like for future reference.  But what will I do with them?  As well as being accent decoration for pieces of textile art, there's the practical, light pulls, bag handles, jewellery.  These sample techniques will reference to endless possibilities.

Sigh, I would like to be able to show you all lots of lovely work which I'm doing.  I look at artists on Facebook and see masses of creations appearing on an almost daily basis, and think oh dear, where are mine?  However, what I'm involved with is work for exhibitions and displays.  Personally I don't feel it fair on those attending such events to share it widely first, so hence it looks like not much is hapening.  But have a clue....
A very badly painted sketchbook cover.  I really love these sketchbooks so have to do something to them, so I can find the latest, or the one with specific things in.  And to go in it.... mhmmm
Stage 1 in sampling.........

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