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26 January 2011

ERTF - Owen Jones Exhibition - NOW ON!!!

Friday night I attended the Private View of the ERTF Owen Jones Touring Exhibition, at Chelmsford Museum.  As I was there to Meet & Greet, I arrived before time and so was able to get overview photos of the Exhibition, which are here.  (I hope it is OK with all contributors to post, as I don't have individual's permission - let me know if not).
Its been a while since I've been to the Museum, and it has a great relatively new extension, with this lovely area to house exhibitions. We have some beautiful work on display, and I will go back again to study the accompanying sketchbooks, as I'm sure there's much to share.
I was there alongside fellow ERTF member Miriam, to welcome people in and we met many new acquaintances and old friends.  It was lovely to see everyone, and I hope they all enjoyed themselves.  The ERTF embraces a whole range of Textile Art, and you can see that here, from wearable art, 3d construction, to wall art.  Its really nice to be amongst people who have different specialisms, but all with a passion for textiles, so much to share and learn about from each other, and to extend this sharing and knowledge out into the wider community via the Exhibition and related Workshops.  Yes I said Workshops which you can find here - click on the posters to make them larger to read.
This is the first venue for the project, but it will be touring, so do keep an eye out for it near you - and I will post the dates on the righthand side and/or on my website.

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