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31 May 2012

Passionate Art

No, things still not back in cupboards... and I've more to add now since collecting my staging from the EG display.  This is the piece which I made for the event and which has a buyer, so it needs a little bit of an airing and its 5 minutes of fame before eventually it finds its new home.  However there's a little delay as the work is now going up at the Adult Community Learning Centre in Rochford.
Passionate Pink  6" x 8"

Immediate textile projects are to finish off the 'extra' for the Material Girls contribution to the Romford Art Trail.   To make an ATC by next week, cos I kinda said I would.... then there's shop things for Burnham Art Trail and a couple of bits for my display.  I am stewarding at the Museum in Burnham in the afternoon of Tuesday 26th June - if you want to say hello.
And then there's a whole stack of paperwork to do.... I think we should go back to carrier pigeon - this email lark makes everything so fast, by the time you've organised and sorted, decided you can breathe, there's a reply needing something else, my list seems to grow, not get smaller.  And I could be writing a couple of articles for a newsletter.. and I really ought to take a proper look at the textile book I was loaned two months back.  I think though the most important and first thing on the list should be..... a cuppa, want one?

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