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10 June 2012

Chopping and Swapping

Well I finally did put things back in cupboards, but when the entire contents of a book shelf cascaded onto the floor, it meant a need for editing.  One of those easy access shelves where every postcard and piece of paper gets 'filed'.  So half a tree later in the recycle bin... luckily my council recycles virtually everything, so my rubbish papers I must keep to refer to, will be turned into something which another might actually use.  Though I do wonder if I need to be more selective in my choice of cards/postcards I buy at exhibitions.... another 20 years worth and will need a wheelbarrow for them, and who would want them other than me.  I buy because I like of course, but also a strong desire to support other artists - mhmm as the small sales market is not something I've cracked, I do feel this is one sided!!!
I made this, this week.  An ATC, its gone off to its new home now, swapped out for another.  Obviously its small, and I struggle with such things, so much, time and effort versus return, an idea to entice, making the most of a technique or materials.  This simplistic effort still occupied over 3 hours, has 4 different threads.... It's why I don't think I'll ever crack this small sales market, at least this one is a giveaway.  Oh some time back part of my clearing out was to bin a whole pile of photo based cards, another set of dust gathering non sales.  Only so long and so much space you can occupy.  And guess what I'm going to do this week.... making some more things for a sales opportunity.... ha, keep trying.  I might resurrect my Etsy shop.....

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