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13 June 2012


Today I've been and submitted 3 entries for the annual Essex Open Exhibition  I wasn't going to bother, heck I've been so busy with so much stuff, 4 Art Trails, 3 ventures for The Material Girls - it did seem a little extreme to add something else in.  Then on the other hand this is supposed to be my career (cough).   The reality is I have 3 pieces of work which have not been submitted to the Open before, and are not needed elsewhere to prevent their use, so might as well give it a whirl, a bit of labelling, a tiny form to fill in and part with a small amount of cash, its not like its onerous and hugely expensive.  I haven't been in the Open for a while, so will have to see.  They do accept textiles, although its not listed on the form, but generally there are only about 5 textile pieces in the whole thing.  I try it also because we make art, end of, whatever form that may take, and if you don't show it outside of the textile environment, how is it ever going to get more recognition.  Judging is next Wednesday, so probably end of next week I will find out.

In the meantime we have this:

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