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20 June 2012

My friend Horace!

So, you agree to exhibit your art work in a window as part of an Art Trail...  wonder if you've done so yourself, but did you have a friend to help?
This is Horace - he lives in the window, and I said he could stay as he fits in with the theme of my work.  I've given him a ribbon and necklace to hold.

This is a little hint of the work on display.  Views through the glass from outside were not good - we had sunshine today! Burnham Art Trail opens this Saturday, 23rd June, and I will be stewarding at the Museum on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th June.  I have some small items for sale as part of the Unframed display which is in the Museum.  Do go and visit.

1 comment:

chocolatefrog said...

Well that'll make people stop and look! An intriguing window.