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28 May 2012

Tired and Contented

Today it's collapse in a heap.  The Textiles on the Hill weekend started off like this:

The Material Girls shop all set up with Carol and Jill ready..... and opposite them was the kitchen also ready.

Piles of the most gorgeous home made cakes - which our visitors indulged in and enjoyed a lot.
Alas I don't have any more pictures... helping out in the various areas, I forgot to take the camera out again!  But I'm sure full photos will be on The Material Girls blog, website and other personal blogs, so do check back.
It was a busy weekend, lots of visitors.  Vanessa I know you enjoyed your time, but thank you, you certainly made our weekend spending so much time with us.  And others who said "I promised my husband I'd be home by 2pm" - looking at the clock which was ticking towards 4pm.  Caught up with people not seen in quite a while, which is lovely.
And back home its recover, and find a way to put everything back into the cupboards it came out of.
Wednesday its out again to take down the Embroiderers' Guild display, which had extended time in the shop where it was hung and which moves on to another venue.
And I still have post-its up with lists... things to do in the next couple of weeks, then there is a break....

1 comment:

Miriam Weaver said...

I agree it was a lovely weekend, much helped by the weather and our many visitors and demonstrators! Oh yes and cake....
You deserve to put your feet up.