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23 May 2012

Textiles on the Hill - Coming Up

Yesterday I asked him indoors to look over something on the computer, which included line diagrams.  Those are good he says, how did you draw them.... errrr with a pencil?  Sometimes low tech and scanning is a whole lot easier and faster than high tech.
Tick, tock.... time is evaporating and its getting ever nearer to:

The post-it notes are welded to the puter, and the "oh forgot, I need that" seems to get ever larger.  Its usually the obvious you leave behind.  Oh yes, I've got to make cake for the weekend.  I don't do baking, this could be interesting, a lot of cheating is involved, I don't even own a cake tin any more!
I hope you will come along to see us - everyone has worked so very hard for this - to share textiles with the wider community.  Come along for the demonstrations - list on the right - and I'm first up, as soon we we open, so come upstairs and see me.

1 comment:

dianehobbit said...

Hope the weekend is a success for you, especially the cake. Nice to see you at Maldon!