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18 May 2012

Wheee Good News!!

Email today to advise I have been accepted on the Rochford Art Trail.  Wheeeee.  More paperwork to complete for a couple of weeks time.
This week has been full of paperwork, phone calls, lots of personal stuff, as well as things for the various groups I'm involved with.
And 'paper' of a different kind..... I have custody of the wrapping from my mother's furniture, which has now been delivered.  Would you like us to unpack for you madam?   Noooo madam wants to snaffle the wrapping in good order for herself!  Its very strong, a sandwich of a plastic covering, bubble wrap middle, where the bubbles don't pop, and a vilene/tyvek type third layer.  Its cat proof, well survived being attacked by my furry beastie.  Him indoors looked and said "well you've enough for years now to wrap up art work".   Oooh so I guess that means I need to continue with this creating art lark.

1 comment:

chocolatefrog said...

Congratulations! On the Art Trail that is, though that wrapping does sound quite exciting too .