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11 October 2017

September Whoosh

September was mega busy, it always is, but this year seemed exceptionally so, at one time 20 appointments booked in.  It gets more complicated for a one car household, having to work out logistics.
So let's take a look at it, in pictures.  Hopefully if you click on they will enlarge for better viewing, click on any highlighted links too.

First week of September attended a Workshop
Art Van Go
Now I think I've done 2 of these in the past, may be 3, but years ago.
Its play and experiment with paint products.

The following week it was time to set up
Rochford Art Trail

The next week with the Trail still on
time to set up and open
'Goodnight Children Everywhere'
at Rainham Hall

In amongst lots of stewarding, here and there and trying to keep track of
where I'm doing what, and him indoors with his own art display too
So on Sunday 1st October everything was down.

OK so its now October, but the finish to the mad rushing about
on the Monday night, 2nd Oct
50 Ways to Leave Your Layer

This was about base layers and how to layer up
so both of these samples may have a way to go,
but it was about process.
I loved this workshop came home buzzing with excitement.

I've had lots of thoughts comparing the two workshops at either end of this busy time., both with backgrounds, different approaches. There were differences in content, product, delivery, lots of similarities and differences.  I may commit my thoughts on these to another blog post.  So watch out.

Now that October is here, The Material Girls have one more Exhibition for the year at Loughton, which is all in hand.  Otherwise breathing space, which is good, time for the ideas to pop and be acted on, instead of a lot of reaction which is how its been of late.

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