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17 October 2017

Suddenly, 3 At Once.

In the words of waiting for the proverbial bus... everything comes along at once.

On the bad/shrug shoulders news, three times last week I've been on the end of doing something to have it ignored.
There's been a 'I don't know anything about this' - OK so you didn't bother with the two emails I sent out, one a month ago and one only three days ago?
Add in another person saying "oh I don't read any of the emails you send"

I suspect one of these ignoree is playing a game....she's on my List, mwah ha ha!

Yes I could fill a book with them
Its not a Naughty or Nice List - you don't want your name in this book!

I answered these remarks - I have done as I've been asked, I've prepped, I've advised, you have all you need, its down to you whether you bother to read or not, I can't make you.

The only down side with these things, is in the past when people don't respond, claim lack of all knowledge and suddenly its panic, can you just...(don't we love those words) and its last minute must be done changes which fall back to me.  Still that will get them a Star next to their name on the list, they will move up in rankings!

I find myself somewhat amused though, quite Why do you bother to actually tell someone you haven't bothered with the communication, shows themselves up to be a wotsit and leaves me having it confirmed!!

door to opportunities

On the good news bus, another Workshop opportunity came up.  I haven't done workshops for ages, may be a couple of years, and now in the space of about 12 weeks I will have done three, or poss four, given the latest is two individuals or stay the whole day.  Mhmm what is a cluster of Workshops known as? Oh I know  PLAYTIME!
It will put me in my happy place as it will involve 


chocolatefrog said...

Grr, some people... hope they don't read your blog? Or maybe hope they do! Love the door pic, and happy to hear you've got more playtime lined up. A pity these things come in clusters but you do have to grab the opps when they appear.

Beverley said...

Well given I have about 7 people read my blog.....
Its a reminder to me, express the irritation, but just roll with it.

Juliet said...

I apologize for my mother who I think ia probably the person who says she doesn't read your emails, but relies on me to tell her what it is she needs to know. As for the other person ......