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19 July 2015

Thrilled - Feel the Fear....

Well  did you hear the squeals?  Time to update on the opportunities which were pending.

First of all there was a boo hoo - I didn't get into the Essex Open.  I've been in it twice, but not for many years, so no real surprise, except going in to these things hopeful, else why bother.  Still it gives me moaning rights "oh my piece was sooo much better than that one darhling" :)

Next comes an old faithful.  I did know over a week ago that I'd been accepted, but waited for my written confirmation.  Having been a part of it since it was just a couple of days and only a handful of artists, and in my home town, its nice to once again be part of
Rochford Art Trail
17th-26th September 2015
I have again been allocated the opticians window.  Its such a specific venue, being glass cubes - the staff are lovely too.
Here's a sneaky look at what I have planned to fill the window with.

I've offered to help out with some stewarding, and will add details of when and where as they are confirmed.

If you recall the previous blog where I'd listed the opportunities pending, I'd said there was something which was completely in my comfort zone, and completely out of it.  Last week I said to a friend, right now, if the answer is no I will feel disappointment and relief.   However, if I get accepted, I will likely feel excitement and scared.
So here I am happy dancing, thrilled, and gulping my fear back down!

I am going to participate in my first ever Artist Book Fair!

HOFS Artist Book Fair
Saturday 14th November 2015
HOFS is Hadleigh Old Fire Station - its now artists studios, but retains its big red doors and fireman's pole!
This is a new venture for me.  Although I've been making books for years and years.  Part of the reason for applying is that space to showcase book arts isn't always easy to come by.  Some venues are wall only, or security is a concern.
I have participated in countless artist/public situations, talking to and demonstrating techniques.  I've also been part of groups with textile stands at art fairs - but I have never done one in my own right, just me, at a table, by myself, with only my work and never primarily my books.
So time to step out of the comfort zone, and give it a try - who knows what will happen, I may be useless, no-one may like anything I make - but after giving it a lot of thought, and I mean a lot of thought, its have a try and see.  One way or another, a box will be ticked!

Please make diary notes of these events - hopefully I will be back with more publicity posters etc.

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Janette said...

Excellent news and very well done and well deserved.