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30 July 2015

How Much Fits on a Table?

Some bloggers post a What's On Your Table This Week - well how about an explanation of what was there up until an hour ago!

This is actually partially organised.  Things are in piles to go away, but what are these things?

Back left, there's an artist canvas which I coloured in pencil, and didn't like, then covered in gesso, softening the colours, and still didn't like.  Next to it paint splodges which are actually to be cut up and stuck on jar lids so I can see what the colours are inside.
The spotty bag contains the new sewing needles I bought and had yet to file away.
At the left front under and over the pencil case, paperwork.  Some of it is for filing, and some current obligations.
There are odd bits which are not in the pencil case.
The yarn is an itch to be scratched.  I've been longing to recreate a shoulder bag from my early teens.  Just a crocheted granny rectangle, which I remember clearly and lining it with fabric.  Been looking for months at brightly coloured yarns, and finally bought some, but still not started.
Oh, I spy the glue tape runner which is now covered in gesso, cos I forgot to put the lid on my brand new bottle.....
But all of this is now tidy in its proper home, cos I needed the table to give my sewing machine a treat.

I am quite firm on cleaning out lint and changing the needle - but it hasn't had a drink of oil for a long time.  I had to buy some - and you will see that laying on the table - last lot I had went a horrible colour so I binned it.  So it had a nice wash and brush up, a teeny drink, and to insult it, I've covered it with a cover from an old machine I no longer own and moved it back to its usual spot.
On the back of this table are boxes of wooden beads - actually necklaces I buy and chop up, and a box of heart buttons, and the top box is miniature buttons.  Behind is a pin board which doesn't have any work pinned on it as such.  Does have inspirational quotes and pretty things.  And what you can't see here, is above it, is a piece of Betty Pepper's work, which I bought for a special birthday.

So now things are back in cupboards, sewing machine is purring - we are ready to go again!  Good job too, cos I've bought my 2016 textile diary, and I'm thinking Feb is going to be a deadline month for all sorts of things....

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