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02 November 2015

Refreshing and Playing

Wow can you believe it, here we are in November.  I am an expert at losing days - past month I've managed to take two lots of meds on one day and not notice, then a day or so later realise I merged couple of days.  Last week did the opposite forgot to take the meds, obviously still thinking it was yesterday!

The Material Girls have their work (but not all which has been made for the project) in Rainham Hall, which is now open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 20th December.

I have updated my website by adding a few more images, rewording some bits and pieces and generally trying to give it a little refresh.  I always change the date on the front page when I've updated things so both you, and I know when last it had a tweak!  Please go visit, and if you see any errors, let me know - everything merges after a while.

I am busy prepping for Saturday 14th November, Artists Book Art Fair  I find myself still in that mix of excitement and terror at this new, to me, venture.

I decided a while back that in amongst the making and doing for projects, which bring about challenges in their own right, I've forgotten how to play... as in make something and nothing, just because.  So out came a sketchbook, which will become an Art Journal.  Fancy phrase and I'm still really no wiser as to what it means - except its agreed its a place to enjoy yourself.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the deep and meaningful phrases seen in others journals.  So here we have some pretties.
This is a Gelli® print
Its at least 5 layers of design, the black goes on last

It didn't pull off cleanly in one pull
so added some pink paint and tried again
I really like the textures etc from this one

Oh, I have given in, and bought myself an Adult Colouring Book - noooooo, not that sort of adult.  As its all the rage, and I will likely have missed the moment and something else becomes the trend, let's give it a go.  Not tried it out yet, but I have also reverted to childhood, and sent for some adult (again that word) sparkly ink pens. Do you remember Christmas when all
you craved for was the pack of felt tip pens, gazillion colours in a really really loooong pack!  I know, C word - last night 1st Nov, Christmas ads on tv.  I really must become a professional bah humbug, qualified for it!

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