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12 November 2015

Artist Book Fair - Sat 14th Nov 2015

Well its almost upon me - my first ever Artist Book Fair.

Let's step back for a moment...
I've been making books for years... not sure if I made creative books as a child, I know I filled exercise books with 'writing'.
I've been making stitched bindings since 1979... over 35 years, goodness.  Working in the legal profession documents were stitched together using a Japanese Stab Binding.  Must have made hundreds.

Forward in time to studying City & Guilds Creative Embroidery, Part 1 (links to the story of which can be found via the Qualifications tab above)
For one of the assessment items I wanted to make a book, but alas my tutor would not allow it, so I didn't get to progress in book arts.  The exception being that each of the 10 Preparing Working Designs had to be presented in different ways, so some book construction skills came in handy for that.
Finally for Part 2 studies, I got to make my book.   It was a bit 007ish with a compartment behind handmade pages.   Plus a whole host of books to hold research and samples.
Over the years I've been on many workshops, books are an ideal way for creative stitchers to show their skills.  A tutor may well have one of her own amongst the wealth of goodies to look at, let alone the sketchbooks where you might find the addition of pockets, windows, fold outs etc.
Such bookbinding workshops I have been on tend to fall into two categories - the creative content/decorative covers based on a skill set or theme where the binding method has minimum complexity - or the construction, looking at a means of holding pages together, the latter is a rarer occurrence in my experience.

So far, for me, its the construction which has appealed.  I like the technical challenges, yes even the mathematics!  I have boxes of examples.

I have shown off my books, making as part of exhibitions, but books tend to need a table/plinth for display, and not every venue has that.

There you have it, how I have arrived at the Artists Book Fair - joining in from the other side of the table, having been a keen viewer of many wonderful creations, which stretch the conventional idea of what is a book.
In addition to each Artist's display they have been invited to make books in a Matchbox - voted on by the viewers.  There's a chance for you to win a prize as a voter, and the winning artist also wins a prize.  Yes I have entries, but no, not showing you them, vote for your favourite and just may be, it might be mine!
I'm looking forward to indulging myself in all things booky on  Saturday... not to mention artisan cupcakes!!

To find out more, you can visit the ArtbookArt website or their Facebook page - lots of enticing images appearing.

Come and say hello.


Juliet said...

So looking forward to seeing lots of your books together, plus the other artists as well. Plus if you've got artisan cupcakes, even better!

chocolatefrog said...

Your books are wonderful, you'll wow them! Hope you get a few minutes to check out the others and sample the cupcakes.

Sandie said...

It was good to meet you today Beverley and I loved your books.

Beverley said...

Thank you Sandie - really enjoyed the Fair and meeting with yourself and everyone else - I just loved 'everything'. Have added your blog to my list so I can keep up with your creativity.