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24 November 2015

I've Found the Light - Eventually

Gosh the year is racing towards its end... already paperwork for 2016 event has arrived, I will mark it in red in the diary, but what's the betting I will still submit only days before hand.  Also just noting the diary of a new exhibition and what do I find, I have the potential to need to be in two places on the same day, about 40 miles apart.  My diary really isn't packed with events, its just so incredible that whatever always seems to clash.

Now well and truly into the dark days, the endless grey outside, I have yet again explored the sewing machine light issue.  You may well recall past comments.

I do have a daylight bulb as the main bulb in the room

 This light I hung behind the machine - no real use

 This bottom one is my sewing machine light
the top was sold as a Pygmy daylight bulb - yeah right
And there was the saga of Phillips telling me they didn't make little bulbs
- errrr what's this then with your name on it

I love my battery/mains Ottlite
but no room to use, get right angles on the sewing machine

There was another LED light which I variously tied to me or the machine
-  limited success.

Then came a swivel head, tap to work, stick anywhere LED light
couldn't find a good place to stick it!

That's it, give up, nothing for it, stop mucking about.
Finally, bought the made for purpose light
Guess what?  Its brilliant, in every sense!
Choose this one with round head, as it has a longer stalk and
two fittings to enable location move.  Electric.

Moral of the story
Buy the tool for the job in the first place

Also why constantly fight bobbin tails everywhere?
So I bought a new bobbin holder which supposedly keeps
everything in check.
Yet to be tested
Job for today seems like as its dullsville here.

I suspect, some problems really can be solved by throwing money at it
.... as opposed to throwing money away in the trying.

1 comment:

chocolatefrog said...

Bobbin holder looks fun! Wonder how high it'd get with my 100 bobbins?