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31 December 2015

Here's to 2016!

Wow I am amazed, here we are Old Year's Night, as us Norfolk born people call it.
Or New Year's Eve.

We all review, assess, and perhaps set challenges of all sorts for the new year ahead. I've heard and read a lot recently on having a 'word for the year'.  Something which speaks, has meaning, and can inform and apply to many areas of your life.  My immediate reaction is.... 'oh dear, what rubbish'.  However it seems a word to guide is more successful than any Resolution.
So I thought on such a word.  Create is obvious, so many ideas not being realised.  It also applies to things like, making a nice garden, learning a new skill.  However, I think I've found a better word to live by.


For all sorts of reasons life seems to have become too grown up, sensible, practical.  Could do with a large helping of silliness, remembering how to dance whilst in charge of the vacuum.  Make art in fun bright clashing colours, just because I can.

I've challenged myself with my art this year.  Not a deliberate, prior plan, but found myself stretching ideas and techniques used.  Must not let those live in isolation.  New experiences too, such as the Book Fair, which had been in my thought process for a very long time before turning into reality.

As always my arty life is spent in the company of others, from my friends and colleagues in The Material Girls and Embroiderers' Guild, to individuals who share the interest and love of creating with a needle, with paper, and paints, whose company is shared and invaluable in all sorts of ways.  I would like to thank those who also share their art on social media, blogs, websites, Facebook, Pinterest.  You likely don't know me, our paths have never crossed, but much pleasure is gained from your generosity.

So here's to 2016
may your notebooks overflow with ideas, your needle be busy
and above all else, may the journey
be filled with FUN.

Bandit and Spike
The obligatory cat photos which increase readership
more than anything deep and meaningful!

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