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13 January 2016

What will the new Year bring....

Happy New Year
hopefully still in time to say that....
though when it ceases to be 'of the moment' I've no idea.

Well I made a decision over the Xmas break, thought about it for a few days to make sure it was right.
Decided not to go ahead with an exhibition opportunity.  I give such options a LOT of thought, as in a huge amount, possibly more than is necessary.  I then give them as much thought when I decide No.
This time it was telling me what to do.... realistically if you have a deadline, months in advance and little has been done towards it, that has to say something.  When you've ruled out being lazy, just not doing, excuses for dithering there has to be other reasons, and I guess the truthful and simplest is....actually I'm not very excited about it.
My initial ideas, the deadline, the challenge, none of it has the buzz. 
Then I looked closer at the schedule.  I'm a firm believer in doing as asked, but this time I found I can't comply with the additional commitments needed to put on an exhibition. 
Every aspect would be a struggle.  It comes down to my 'word of the year' a struggle simply isn't FUN.
Exhibiting isn't always about the status or any financial reward (oops told a joke there) - but the journey to the end item should be more joyful than heavy task.  So if I am to take on board I need more Fun in my life, then well.....

I have another project which I'm also not attempting.  This one is the opposite, does excite, does challenge, would love to give it a try, but the reality of time between notice of the project and the deadline its just not manageable.  So, equally sensible but different reasoning, means another No.

So settle back with the knowns for the year and out of the blue another opportunity comes along.  Details still to be known before I can think that one through and assess it properly. My process of over thinking to consider it, begins!  However, its nice to be thought of.... as in really nice to be thought of.

I have news to share though.....very hot off the press, sizzling.  More info to follow, but look out for more work from The Material Girls at Rainham Hall in February.

In the meantime him indoors has had success with a photo he took, standing outside our patio door at around 5am. We have two cats which wake up at silly o'clock, and have now got their master very well trained!  His fault, he will get up and give them biscuits as a pre breakfast snack.

I'm guessing he will get far more success than me - given that I've found four local photographic exhibition opportunities in the past month!  Plus FREE, yes free, workshops.

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chocolatefrog said...

Well done, opps are so few it's hard to say no but sometimes it IS the right thing to do. Fun's an excellent word for the year if you let it guide you like this.