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30 September 2015

Post Art Trail Thoughts....

Well Art Trail is over for another year.  I think quieter than other years, but its undergone adjustment with change of people taking charge.
No sales or enquiries for me.  Not really surprised, and true I would love to sell loads, but I think there is a huge issue with people not understanding textile art.  Recently I've been adding further info labels, like ready to hang, or suitable for framing, even adding sizes, but it doesn't seem to help.  But may be its as a friend says, sometimes the art needs to be shown four or five times before it finds a home.
However selling is not the entire reason for doing.  As I always say its the challenge of the deadline, the display etc and being part of a community.  Its another element, my Venue (opticians) are really nice, when I walked in to collect I was introduced to the receptionist "this is our art trail lady" and when I left it was "we'll see you next year" - which is really lovely of them.  I certainly intend to fill out my application again.

I wish other businesses would partake, several have the attitude of "I'm not giving up my selling space to someone else".  Its 10 days, lots of free publicity, may be someone won't buy from a shop during Trail time, but that doesn't mean they won't come back in a week or a month, find shops they've never seen before, visit Rochford for the first time, to return..  I don't see promotions, ie buy something now, and get x% off further purchase within a month.   I sometimes wonder if places are full of idle rich playing shops, as so unwilling to promote themselves.  Obviously don't need more sales/marketing. I can only see it as win for artist, win for business, win for community..... and don't get me started on the office type businesses, with windows full of posters, sellotape remains and the occasional dead fly... we artists have an eye for making displays, for self promotion, (ie a free window dresser) and that business won't get me through the door.  And yes, I have exhibited where I've had to sweep away dead flies... but we'll forgive an historic house!

Whilst stewarding I had some lovely chats with fellow artists, learned about their practice and how their art is perceived, who their audiences are.  Was introduced to someone who immediately said, we did an art class together.  We did, back in 1996.  In fact we started off at college and then went on to have private lessons, so I think we spent two possibly three years together.  I still find drawing difficult, I can manage enough for me to know what I mean, but actually doing gives me a raging headache.  I think its because I'm more naturally an abstract art person, I'd love a flower to look like a flower but I'm happier making my lollipop flowers!  I've long given up the fight of trying.  I did the drawing a day once upon a time.  It was all the rage everyone did it, supposedly every day for a year, or more.  I lasted six weeks, but the drawing less than that, my efforts became playing with paints, colour, texture.
Yes, I did these, passable, but stonking headache making, 
concentrate so hard, it is literally a pain to do

Far happier with this kind of play

So one of the things in my future arty plans, is to allow myself to have some fun messy play time, get the paints back out and play.  I'm hoping it feeds into my actual work, but I need some arty fun without an end purpose before I've even opened the paint pot.

Come back in a few days when
Exciting News to be Revealed!

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chocolatefrog said...

So glad it was a worthwhile experience. Although sales would've been a bonus there's a lot of other benefits from Art Trails - as you say, for both artists and the host businesses, if only more of them realised!