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16 September 2009


I've been doing some tidying and re-arranging, of the computer folder sort. And realised that some of my work from recent months wasn't actually on my web album. So I've added more pics, and also there is the new album to show my work on display at the various exhibitions. It's not meant to give a detailed look at the pieces but rather an idea of the setting. So, do take a look at my web album
Next task is to have think about small saleable items for Etsy and the like. Its a bit sparse and been neglected and I have some ideas. My next event to work for is another exhibition in February, but its not open to the public. Its in a hospice, so exhibiting there is a means to offer a changing and attractive environment for those who use the facility.

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mimilove forever said...

Beautiful and fanatastic collection of work there madam!
Congrats on Sky murderous was it stitching on chiffon?! x:)