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03 September 2009

Knit One, Stitch One - ready to visit, please....

Knit One, Stitch One is ready to view. Poster below/right for details. There may be some Saturday opening, but this depends entirely upon the College and the classes it runs, so please ask them direct. 01702 544900
Here's a picture of Juliet's and my work. We put this exhibition together, but did did not collaborate in the sense of making work together. However, surprises like this one... many pieces matched in very well with each other. My piece here is Winter Sun.
More general pictures from the exhibition will be found on my web album, see the album "On Exhibition".
And whilst setting up, we heard of another opportunity, which is currently being researched. Its very true, one thing does lead to another.

Remember the or nue piece from several postings back? Well this is a glimpse of the finished piece below. Its called Meadow Lea. Alongside a snippet from Purplicious - a celebration of purple

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