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26 August 2009

Romance and Reality

This is a little snippet of a piece which together with that on the last post will be on view at the ERTF exhibition "Moving Forward". The Shop, 18 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, 8-26th September.
I do not have work in the main exhibition, but have the Challenge piece below, and the above piece. From our ERTF study day behind the scenes of a museum, "Romance in the Store Cupboard" - we were looking at love tokens from the past.
My exhibition with Juliet Bryson - goes up in under a week, and its full on reality. Most everything is done now, but I've spent ages in front the computer, labels etc take such a long time, drafting an Artist Statement is even more time consuming. And then there was the casual request, can you just..... write a press release? Which as these things are, is followed by... within the next day or so. Lists, you need lists... and a big red pen to tick off the tasks done!!

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