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10 February 2009

My First Solo Exhibition

Well my very first solo exhibtion is up and running. It continues until 27th February 2009, (Monday-Saturday, 9.00am - 5.00pm). Its at The Mill Arts & Events Centre, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7ED.

Its been a long while coming, both on a personal level, and also from confirmation of acceptance. Going solo has its pros and cons. Yes there is only me to please, BUT... there is also only me to do all the work, and more importantly, no-one to say, "have you remembered" "have you thought of" "what about". However, experience of exhibitng with others, and the experience of being an Exhibition Co-ordinator for a big event.. and an ever handy notebook helps!

This actually brings me to the title of this blog, my Etsy shop and my Exhibition. On receiving the Contract for the exhibition, I had to insert a title... mhmmm, what was suitable? As I like fabrics, threads, and all things stitchy, but also have a reputation for using the unusual, such as acrylic tubes, or metal chain and of course paper features heavily in my work - what would cover all of that as a concept? Suddenly it hit me, all of my work is a Reaction to how I view the various materials. Fibre can just as easily be fabric as it can paper... and thus Fibre Reaction was born.

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