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10 March 2009

Added to Etsy

This is part of my HEART SERIES - so far there are 6 pieces, 4 of which are mounted up on canvas and are currently on exhibition, but I have 2 on Etsy which are unmounted. Leaving it for the purchaser to decide how to display.

This one is LOVE IS...
There are lots of techniques involved in this small artwork, in fact this series is more complex than some of my larger pieces, for instance there are 4 layers of fabric below what you can see!! A paper base, painted with water colour paint, and a spritz of other paints, printed on the computer - there's very subtle wording. Then its cut and stitched with chiffon in a Convergence Quilt technique. The heart is padded dyed fabric covered with silver leaf, alcohol inks and the words
As I have a project to do based on 'love tokens' in a museum collection, I'm sure the heart image will appear elsewhere.

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