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19 June 2009

Art Trail

My work is up and ready for the Art Trail which opens on Saturday 20th, and runs until 28th June. Here's a look. Apologies for the photo, its really hard to take a pic of things in a window, and also being a hairdressers, the mirrors are directly opposite. Apologies to those inside if you are revealed mid snip!! I will be at The Museum this coming Monday afternoon (22nd) stewarding - so come by and say hello.

The pic in a previous post of machine or nue, well I was hoping to finish that, but its still sitting here, undecided as to what to do with it next, so it hasn't appeared in the window!!

I've also put One piece into the Essex Open. It wasn't until last moment that I realised if work is selected it will over run with my exhibition with Juliet, so good idea in the end to only put one piece forward. Its been a while since I've been successful, so hopeful but not overly so.


MargaretR said...

Just came across you again on the EG forum. Good luck with the exhibition.

Jane said...

Wow shop looks great wishing you all the best for this, hope they'll be more photos?