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12 December 2012

All the Twelves!

Well today is 12.12.12 - and I've been out and about taking photos.  I think this is my last Date Day recording.  I like these funny dates, could be because my birthday is one of them, and so is my wedding day.
So I've been recording things on these days since 1.1.1  Now the trick is actually to find where I've kept them all, sure not all of them are in digital form.
Sunrise this morning.... and no they are not hills in the background, nor even a forest of trees - its actually dark cloud.
This piece of work has found its way home to me.
Its been absent for about 18 months or more.  It was made for the touring exhibition of the ERTF Owen Jones inspired work.  This piece was based on the colours of the fabrics found in the Warner Archive alongside Owen Jones Proposition 32
Ornaments of any colour may be separated from grounds of any other colour by edgings of white, gold, or black.
The piece is called: "Pastiche".
Thanks to Lorraine for organising, with help from many many others along the way.

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