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Embroiderers' Guild

The Embroiderers' Guild is a long established organisation, founded in 1906. Its aims are to encourage the art of embroidery, to educate in the history and art of embroidery and to collect and document examples of embroidery.

I came across the organisation and joined it, in 1992. Like many people, I'd guess, I found the word 'guild' was somewhat daunting. The only Guilds I'd heard about were those promoted and paraded in fine livery at the likes of the London Lord Mayor's Procession. But swap the word 'guild' for 'organisation' or 'association' or 'group' and its a bunch of people who meet up to share and enjoy textile art - it's not even a requirement that you stitch!!

I belong to my nearest Branch - South and East Essex. We have a regular Saturday meeting, with speakers, afternoon workshops or social events, plus a Wednesday morning meeting which is bring along your own stitching and chat, sometimes at the latter there's a lot more chatter and laughing than there is stitching! I attend both meetings.

Over the years I've participated in many events. Not only attending my local Branch but taking some of the Meetings, and running Workshops. Also visiting other Branches to attend talks and workshops. I've also attended Regional Workshops around the Eastern Region, and Regional Days held in many places. I've participated in Exhibitions on a Branch, Region and National level. I've entered work in the President's Cup (now Members Competition) and produced a project for the Embroiderers' Guild Development Scheme.

I spent a few years on the Branch Committee as Programme Secretary, and Branch Secretary - and since its inception in 2000, I've become the Branch IT Representative, a position I still hold.

Now I have a Silver Badge for over 25 years Membership. I enjoy attending the Meetings, a chance to share with others, to gain information, its relaxed and friendly. I think you get out of it what you put in.

Its was the Guild's magazine: Embroidery which I purchased back in 1992 which set me onto the Guild itself. I still take the magazine, and can't imagine not doing so. Its gives me insight in textile art around the world, and what is going on right now.
Embroiderers' Guild

Eastern Region of the Embroiderers' Guild