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03 October 2011

ERTF Stewarding

Today meant an early start. Up to Norwich to steward at the ERTF Concepts and Meanings Exhibition. I now live almost at the bottom of Essex, not far from Southend – but Norfolk is my home county. It turned into a very long day. I was 30 minutes late due to a bus being on fire, on a long bypass, with no turn offs, so wait we did. Coming home was just as bad, passed one accident and then immediately queued to pass another, another 30 minute wait. All the years living down here, rarely encounter such delays, but at both ends of the journey…. exhausted now.
Back to the plot. When I picked out the day for stewarding it was more a case of, I can’t do this day or that, and my Mother goes out on these days – so unless I cancel something then the choice of when I can steward comes down to only around 2 days out of the whole exhibition duration. However, the significance of today’s date didn’t dawn until about a week before the Exhibition opened.
Today would have been my Grandmother’s birthday.
102, although her own Grandmother lived beyond this age, alas she did not. It has significance for me because of what I’m doing on this day… showing off stitched work. My Gran had great influence over my stitch life – we sewed together since before I started school – and I spent almost every Saturday with her until I married, when we would sit and sew after lunch. When I embarked upon City & Guilds studies Gran sent me a letter wishing me well, sadly she died unexpectedly just as I completed Part 1. I think she would have been pleased to see me with work on show. So an exhibition in my home city….
Him indoors (Norwich born) came with me today, so that he could go and fetch my Mother and bring her for a look around. She lives in my home town about 15 miles out of Norwich. Not sure what she thought of it, she didn't say much - don't think she really 'gets' textile art.  Although she knits, its for practical purposes.
So here's my piece - thought it could have an outing at last, given the exhibition is part way through.  Did you guess what my disguised photo was of - it was actually this, closed. So a real sneak

The piece is called "Secrets from the Attic" - a made up scenario, a case of treasures which meant something to someone... but what do they signify?  I was going to add an explanation letter, as if from the owner to another generation, but then I thought not, its for the viewer to look and wonder what - just as many of us have done when we've come across artefacts from our own families.  The case belongs to Elspeth - and that's where the first mystery begins......
BTW those 15 tasks?  I've still got to make the Trail Postcard, but otherwise that list is done - and yes, I've bought chocolate, but not eaten it yet!!

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