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19 October 2011

More Work on Display

As far as I know, I've just put up my last display of work, for the year. But.. as I've said before, there's always the "can you just..." request which pops out of the blue.
So today I've put up Rochford Art Trail work - although the trail doesn't start properly until Saturday. The people in Mendozas, are lovely, and I got a cuppa this morning too!
I've got some rather bad photos of it at the moment - the window is in full sun even at 10am, and we did suffer a bit with operator failure (me) - plus I had another appointment to get to. Will try to take some more on another day.
Monday I was at the ERTF committee meeting in Newmarket - its a long trek there and back, and attempting to use the brain in the gap in the middle!!! (That's the hard bit) I managed to get home with half an hour to spare before going off to the Trail Launch Party.
I am so very tired now, the hustle and bustle of Sept/Oct's diary is almost at an end. Its easy to say, I don't want such a full on schedule again, or things which don't involve physical distance - but that's not how life happens - its has all been achieved. Just need to realise its a balance between the times when nothing happens and everything happens. Make sure the supply of post-it notes, and highlighter pens are in hand, teach the cat how to cook meals, and everything will be fine.
The 2012 schedule is building already. Of course my display at Braintree Hospital continues until the end of March. The Material Girls have 3 venues to display the Articulated Materials Bridging Waters Exhibition. Art Trails of course, hopefully, will exist again next year (and some new ventures on that front are pending) - so I will apply for 2 in my own right - and there's potential to be involved in another 2 via various organisations. I've still to buy the house diary - and now I have things to add already for September!!
But..... at some point this afternoon, I will stop, for tea and cake - sorry I bought a single cake for one - so no, I'm not sharing!!!


dianehobbit said...

You must have a PA to keep you on track.

Miriam Weaver said...

I have a feeling 2012 will be a busier year!Maybe we all need a PA? As usual your work looks stunning, despite 'bad photos'!