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27 November 2011

All I Need for Xmas Is ?????

So, the C word is hovering around us... no not Cake - Christmas.  So what do I absolutely, imperatively, cannot possibly live without, need to buy, arty wise?
I have stitched all my life, and I mean all my life, cannot remember not doing it.  I had some idyllic situations as a young child - tiny country primary school (only 4 of us the same age!!!) taking our sewing outside in the Summer to work on it in the playground instead of in class... ahhhh.  I still have the embroidered Radio Times (tv guide) cover I made - in our house we only bought the RT at Xmas!!!
Every Christmas I had something creative - and it became a ritual that after lunch on Boxing Day I would start work on whatever it was - the embroidery kit of a kitten.... playing with my pink paisley knitting bag - although I can't knit - I've crocheted since I was 7, I still have my wallet of crochet hooks, bought as a present. A couple of years back I bought myself a flower loom, as I remember having one of those as a child - was it K-Tel who made everything naff!!!  Rediscovering I made my flowers in wire....
These days I spend part of the public holidays alone - which doesn't worry me, actually I rather like it - box of posh chocs, "It's a Wonderful Life" to watch, quite content, and its even better with something creative, preferably fun and relaxing rather than making to an agenda.  But of course I've now lost the childish excitement over the stitch kit, but I still long for the ritual, and for something new to lovingly look at, stroke and coo over.
So.... what should I have to keep me company?  And no.... a Readicut rug won't do - did every family make those, we did, Gran did - more than one.


dianehobbit said...

No rug making kit inour house, but the Radio Times at Christmas and a K Tel present was always under the tree.

Beverley said...

We had a record selector gismo, was that K-tel.... and a Brush-o-matic clothes brush, think everyone had those.... local cheapy shop is selling mini, battery operated fibre optic lights!!!