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25 July 2012

Growed Up Fluffy Nonsense!

Its dull and its raining and the light is bad and I can't see to do any work.   Oh no, its now extraordinarily hot, I stick to everything, the brain has gone foggy, everthing is at slow speed. See British weather provides excuses for not doing whatever the day!!!
I did my Committee thing this week, and at the moment I feel a bit like "they are going to find out I'm not good at this".  I was being a growed up person - things came out of my mouth and I swear its not me saying it, I wonder who this person is, how did that happen?  Of course you come home with more things to actually do.

As always I've got things to make, deadlines to meet, but I've kinda gone off the moment, the ideas I had still relevant, but actually I don't want to be meeting the deadline, making for the task.  I want to be making light fluffy nonsense.  Actually I was gong to attend a workshop this past weekend, which would have provided the light relief, the "I'm just doing this for fun, its silly and  not vital to learn, not for a deadline or a dedicated project" - but unfortunately it was cancelled.  So I still feel the need for that, mhmm fancy a bit of bling, let's get out the beads.
Took this along to the Embroiderers' Guild this morning, ideal because its portable for one, and because there's no pattern or even a preconceived idea, I can make and talk at the same time!!!  Its a bit like the free designing, go anywhere with stitch work, using beads.
What is it?   Well its art darhlink - obviously, tsk!!


lcfzx said...

Yes but how many beads did you add this morning? :-)


Su said...

You can't beat some beads can you?! It's very pretty :-)

Beverley said...

Lesley, I did a couple of rows... mhmmm don't recall a needle in your hand. ggg
Su, beads, scrummy, think they are just for buying and staring lovingly at.