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01 January 2013

Here to the next....

HAPPY 2013
Wishing Everyone a Productive, Creative Arty Year
Time for reflection and forward planning, as always as the New Year arrives.  Last year was very full on personally and art wise.  I managed it all - as you do in such circumstances. So I'm very pleased to have achieved so much... but now I need to regroup and re-establish.  Sounds like I am the old bag I am.... but I need to pace myself a bit because I'm very well aware I'm not yet back to how I should be.  I've already turned down an opportunity, thought about it, and although it might have been months before it happened, its the tension of the planning for it right now, that I simply don't need or want.
I think arty wise it will still be a full on year, likely two art trails to apply for, as a solo artist - one, the application forms were issued just before Xmas, so I have those.  I will be taking one of the meetings at my local Embroiderers' Guild.  Already I've been asked what are you teaching us - errrr I don't know its months away, let me finish one year first.  It will be bookbinding of some description.  The ERTF will be launching its next Exhibition, and I'd like to try for that.  Mainly because it brings another challenge, its a selected exhibition, so along with paperwork/photographs etc its also, for me, about trying for an opportunity, which is not a done deal.  The Material Girls are also working on their next project, and again, that for me is about challenges, research.  Of course in my head I've already made several magnificent pieces for that.....
Other opportunities will come up, no doubt - keeping my little record book which I've done for the past 7 years has given me a pattern of when things appear. 
I'm not making myself a book this year, sigh. I will keep the same information as before, but this year in this:
And today is part of a project, recording in photos, life on the 1st of each month. Today was something which was planned for last year, but didn't happen because life exploded.  Visiting the beach on New Year's Day - although I live only a few miles away, its something I've never done.  The other 'ambition' is to see the sea/beach when its snowing.  The photo below was taken this morning, in brilliant sunshine, with a bright blue sky, and this one area of sea which had sunlight hitting it, creating a very dark intense area next to it.  Sunlight so bright it was a case of point the camera and click, and guess what was in the frame.

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Miriam Weaver said...

Happy New Year! The work in my head for the Material Girls exhibition is fantastic too, so it's going to be a sell out well in our heads anyway!