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11 February 2014

And Breathe....

Its nice to sit here, chill with a cuppa.
In the past six days I've delivered work for two Exhibitions, and paperwork for another opportunity.  Its been a bit, where what, when, trying to make sure head has everything straight.  I'm not sure I want to work like this again... but can't be helped when availability or short notice means things collide.  I knew it was do-able, and yes I did do it, although some compromise necessary.  But another time.... let's hope I get myself together a bit faster, and make better use of those lime green post-it notes, bought so I don't miss anything.  However, there is nothing like a deadline to sort decisions!
Thanks to Deirdre for company last week, to Chris, Miriam, Julie for things for next week.
So now I have two Meet the Maker type events, to sort, and I've even got a design sorted for a bit of stitching whilst chatting.
Next task to clear up computer, so much has been saved anywhere, it needs a serious sort.  Put stash back in correct places.  Have some nonsense playtime.  Make cat toys, as my beasties demolish the bought ones in five minutes.
However, always time for more tea.... aaaahhhh.


Miriam Weaver said...

It's good to be busy. I like those tea pots Beverley, even though I don't drink tea I appreciate a nice pot!

Beverley said...

That was a very nice, posh afternoon tea at Maison Talbooth, Dedham.