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02 September 2014

Kitty Kat Update

For my none Facebook friends, and anyone who like a cat photo!!!

We've now owned the boys for just over a year.

when we first had him

couple of days ago
He will sit for hours in the garden under the honeysuckle, or find his toys and play by himself.  I'd describe him as a contented cat, happy curled up asleep.  Every night when him indoors goes to the main computer, Spike goes too for his hug!

first day we had him

couple of days ago
This one I'd describe as a very willful cat.  He's very soppy when it comes to fusses from him indoors, and my husband has to play football in the garden with him.  We think we make the neighbours jealous, cos their dogs don't play football.  This one though is very possessive over things, growls when he has his toys, and very sharp, can work out where you've hidden them, even if he wasn't in the room at the time.  So far he's captured one bird (saved) a mouse (sadly not) stood his ground against and made moves towards a fox, more than once, brought home the cardboard drinks carrier for takeaway drinks, and also a takeaway sauce pot.
Both of them have chased butterflies, but Spike is heavier than Bandit, and he threw himself into a bush and broke it.  Both eat numerous flies and spiders - eeewww.
They still have mad chases of each other around the house, I thought Bandit was a little too dominant, as he was always launching himself at Spike and making him squeal.  Spike has a "step away from the paw" - if things are too close to him and he doesn't like it, he puts his paw out, and that includes when your brother is trying to sit on you.  But I've seen him now sneak up behind Bandit and launch himself on top of him and make him squeal!!  Not sure they are full size yet, don't seem it to me, and definitely don't purr so you can hear - Bandit especially you have to put your ear on his chest to hear him.

love each other really
Bandit on the top being washed by Spike


Miriam Weaver said...

Aww they are two lucky kittens to live with you and so cute too! Bet they make your days purrrrfect :-)

chrissythreads said...

So gorgeous as kittens and just as gorgeous now. See the green ball is a big favourite