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05 July 2015

Funday Share 5. 7.15

Slight change of sharing idea.  Who knows if it will be regular as previous, but this time I've decided to share something fun made.  The point being its not for an exhibition or for quality necessarily, but just for being what it is an enjoyable project to make or to look at.

So to kick off - yesterday I went off to Milton Keynes for the Embroiderers' Guild, Eastern Regional Day.
I've not been for many years because personal things clashed and meant it was impossible to go.  So now being able to visit and the enticement of the good speaker, I decided to go.

Perhaps things have moved on in the intervening years, or may be its just me - but not quite the same buzz as I've experienced in the past.  Not so many shops and we didn't know who they would be in advance, so not able to plan.  I didn't buy much, only needles from John James - I need to sort out my needles, plus I wanted some in the pebble pack specifically to be able to take out and about.

However, why I signed up, was the chance to hear the speaker - Ruth Issett  - I've seen her work, and demonstrating at stitching events but never heard her talks.  As I listened I was struck by some similarities in work.  Ruth stitches, at times, white on white, and colours after - as do I.  She works with an idea but its not so prescribed, as to be inflexible when its in the practical being worked on stage - sounds like me too.  Nowhere of this calibre of course, but its actually quite affirming to hear someone who says they work like this.

So a most enjoyable morning, soaking in all the information and above all COLOUR!

After lunch we engaged in what I believe was called Speed Date Stitching.  As in we stitched, whistle blew we swapped the goodies box and stitched.  Here is my piece of FUN.

I was quite happy to try and test myself so deliberately choose bright colours.  The first session, purple (what else) a teal green piece of paper and netting.  The second session added the large red piece, paper in a yellow/orange and orange chiffon.  The last session, a bright yellow paper, and netting in bright pink, blue and black.  We had a couple of different coloured threads each session too, but I mixed up where i added those so can't remember which came with what.
Even from the same boxes others around the table had totally different colour blends.

So there you have it, a bit of FUN, which does actually make me feel good to look at, because the colours are bright and happy.  May be I'll use more of my orange paint now?

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